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Valentine 1 radar locator Beltronics Pro RX65 Escort 8500 X50
Radar Detectors: VEIL increases all laser radar detector performance!

When used in conjunction with good radar detectors, VEIL provides you with precious additional reaction time - time you wouldn't otherwise have to safely slow down - and enables you to avoid speeding tickets.

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, in general, it is actually easier for radar detectors to detect police laser at greater distances than up close - essentially the opposite of police RADAR. The reason being that as the targeting distances increase so does the laser beam spread pattern.  The wider the beam is, the greater the chance that laser detectors will "see" it.  when the distances decrease, the beam gets narrower.

Therefore, if an officer targets either your front license plate or a headlight, at shorter distances, the laserbeam may not be wide enough to reach the laser section that is mounted high-up on windshields.  Which means NO ALERT

To minimize this "effect", you should mount radar detectors as low as you can against the windshield or place them on the dash. 

The exception to this recommendation is with the Valentine 1 laser detector. Since it has demonstrated an overall superior ability to alert to "off-axis" laser you could mount your Valentine 1 radar detector high, to maximize your radar detector's chances of seeing the rare advanced laser warning from a vehicle that is being targeted ahead of yours without compromising your ability to be alerted to laser up-close.

In either case, make sure there are visual no obstructions that could block the detectors' "field-of-view", like wipers or UV filters that are routinely incorporated into the windshield.

In our opinion, if laser is used heavily in your areas of travel, you seek the very best in laser detectors (in a windshield mounted unit), desire to have the greatest rear radar detector sensitivity, and the ability to identify the source of the radar or laser threat, the Valentine 1 would be your natural radar detector choice.

If, on the other hand, you wish for the most recent advancements** in radar detection filtering, all-around top performance, and steller Ka performance, either the BEL Vector 995 radar detector, Bel RX65 radar detector, or Escort Passport 8500 X50 radar detector would make a terrific addition to your windshield.

Our own experiences suggests that the Escort X50 radar detectors have an edge in laser detecting sensitivity when compared to the BEL RX-65 Pro radar detector.

The Bel RX65 radar detector has the distinction of being the ergonomic champ and has the added ability to operate on Ku radar (as can the V1 & 995) - an older European radar band - which may come to our shores.

The RX65 radar detectors provide the additional ability to have its Ka performance tailored for either European radar or US Ka-radar usage.

Bottom Line: You really can't go wrong with any of these top tier radar detectors.

Want even more extensive radar detector comparisons? Read our exclusive radar detector review in which we drove with the top three for several thousands miles to see if we could determine the overall best radar detector.

Now that you are armed with a good radar/laser detector, discover how you to use it to avoid speed traps!

Watch VEIL in action! Check out these cool videos!

Hear what other enthusiast drivers say how VEIL helps them fight speeding tickets!

As good as the Valentine 1 radar detectors are at spotting laser, the great likelihood is that by the time your radar detector sounds its alarm, you have already been clocked with laser - even on a motorcycle - unless you have protected yourself with VEIL, an active laser jammer, or both.

That's why several detector manufacturers also build active laser jammers - otherwise known as ECMs or electronic counter measures.

Would you like even more detailed comparisons? Read this informative radar detector test; driving along with the top models for many miles to find out which one was the best overall radar detector.

Since you are considering arming yourself with a radar/laser detector, learn how to successfully avoid speeding tickets with them!

Hear other enthuisiast share their experiences saying with how VEIL helped them beat speeding tickets!

See VEIL provide stealth protection! Watch these performance videos!


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*According to field testing of SpeedZones - June, 2005.

**Another distinction (especially) for the V1 and both BELs worth noting are their abilities to hide from RDDs (radar detector detectors) - such as VG2 and SPECTRE/STALCAR II/III created in the land of OZ.
Beltronics has recently released their STI Driver which has demonstrated to be completely undetectable by current RDDs.

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