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VEIL was founded during the 1980s

VEIL was founded during the 1980s.

Our research began in the area of passive stealth countermeasures that could be used against RADAR.  We quickly learned that it is essentially impossible to passively defeat RADAR with some kind of automotive coating.  Shape is the primary contributing factor affecting stealth to RADAR waves (upwards of 80% or more).

If one looks at the F117A stealth fighter, one can observe its odd silhouette.  The military has control of the shape of their fighter jets and bombers.  We don't have control over our cars' shapes!  Therefore we rightly concluded that attempting to develop a passive RADAR control system would be fruitless.  Don't expect to find any that actually work!  By the way, the stealth fighters RADAR absorbing coating (RAM) used must be re-applied before every sortie and is hazardous!

Veil then focused its energies on developing a revolutionary method to defeat police laser (lidar) -  which was just beginning to make its appearance in neighboring states.  At the time there weren't even any laser detectors available!

We knew the task wasn't going to be easy. and, in fact, took us many years and thousands of failed experiments to arrive at our final product.  We used the best equipment and the best engineering talent possible to achieve our success.

You know there are a lot of bogus products out there that make sensational claims and do absolutely nothing!    We were determined not to be one of THOSE firms!

Throughout the years of Veil's long development, we have watched these products come and go.  We have even seen some appear at legitimate retailers!

We strived to be the first and only passive laser countermeasure that has been proven to work against real-world police laser speed traps!

VEIL is in the midst developing several additional products that further improve upon the performance of our anti-laser stealth coating.

VEIL is manufactured and covered under one or more of the following U.S. patents:


Additional domestic and international patents pending.

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