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At only $89, Veil quickly pays for itself many times over.

"VEIL is the 'best bang for the buck' police laser countermeasure." - MotorTrend

"The must have add-on no matter what!" - Don't Get Caught!

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Start saving money, keep your insurance premiums low, and protect your driving record.

  • Protects your driving record!
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars in fines and surcharges!
  • More than pays for itself with your first successful laser encounter!
  • Lasts for years!

The complete VEIL package contains everything you need to immediately start saving from the high costs of speeding tickets and inflated insurance premiums!!!

  • 5 ½ oz. - treats 8-10 vehicles, under $10 each!
  • 1", 2", 3" foam edging brushes
  • 1" nylon brush
  • Multi-lingual full-color instruction guide
  • Certified test results from
    Speed Measurement Labs & Radar Test
  • Product registration form
  • Unique product serialization number and tamper-evident seals to guarantee package freshness, integrity, and quality control
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.


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speeding tickets!

costs less than $10 per long-lasting treatment!

treats all of your vehicles!

more than pays for itself after just one successful speedtrap encounter!

Featured testimonial(s):

Sethy's STEALTH ride & testimonial

Sethy, Ohio
May 2006

Dilip's STEALTH ride & testimonial

Dilip, Hong Kong
April 2006

At less than $10 per, protecting yourself is not only simple and easy, its very affordable!

STEALTH every one of your vehicles!

" bang for the buck"

August 2005
Motor Trend

I have been reading through the results from the 7/16 forum members testing and the standout in all of it's Veil.

Veil appeared to be far more many cases almost as effective as active jammers.

I am impressed. I loved the out-brake test!

Totally awesome, and quite comforting to know that it is possible with just Veil to get slowed before punch through.

Again congrats on a great product!

July 2005