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"Veil is a special coating that you apply on your car that effectively absorbs lidar energy rfom police laser guns.

"The most common areas an officer points the laser at are your headlights and license plate [which are the most reflective].

"Just apply some VEIL on those areas and it will cause the laser signal to be inaccurate. 

"Tests have shown that Veil can reduce the effective range of a laser gun by 50 percent.

"For something that's less than a hundred dollars, it's well worth it."

Tom Ham, Celebrity Car, Winter 2006


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"Laser use is growing as citations made using this method are almost impossible to beat in court, thus its increasing popularity with law enforcement agencies and the courts.

"Laser detectors, in all but a few cases, will only signal when you have been tracked...

"Over the years a number of snake oil solutions have appeared on the market...This year one product, Veil from Laser Veil ( did prove effective in reducing the range necessary for police laser guns to target you vehicle...

"Veil is a brush-on application that is applied to headlight and parking light lenses (as well as reflective plates and grilles), to reduce reflectivity to police laser beams while not significantly reducing their light output.  (The grey/purple tint, when applied, makes it appear as if your Mustang is equipped with HID headlights...

"At a price of less than $100 for up to 10 applications, VEIL is a great place to start your journey into stealth technology, as it reduces average targeting distances from 39 to 77 percent, giving you an additional second or two to spot and react to police laser traps."

Richard Truesdell, Mustang Enthusiast, November 2005


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"Isn't being seen the first rule of the road learned by any rider who wants to stay alive?

"Perhaps, except when the police are looking to meet departmental quotas; then being invisible may save you from a costly speeding ticket.

"...Veil Corporation offers a non-electronic, anti-laser stealth coating called Veil ($90), which is applied to the license plate and headlights, the main targets for a patrol officer's laser gun. 

"...For motorcycles, the lack of vertical and reflective surfaces enhances the product's performance, perhaps making a bike invisible.

"...Veil proved itself by reducing laser readouts by 50 to 70 percent under various conditions.  In layman's terms, this mean [sic]  a motorcycle traveling at 70mph (120kph) would have an additional seven seconds to slow down, certainly enough to avoid a ticket."

Geoffrey Gluckman, iron horse - premier issue, April/May 2005

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Sethy, Ohio
May 2006

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Dilip, Hong Kong
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At less than $10 per, protecting yourself is not only simple and easy, its very affordable!

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" bang for the buck"

August 2005
Motor Trend

I have been reading through the results from the 7/16 forum members testing and the standout in all of it's Veil.

Veil appeared to be far more many cases almost as effective as active jammers.

I am impressed. I loved the out-brake test!

Totally awesome, and quite comforting to know that it is possible with just Veil to get slowed before punch through.

Again congrats on a great product!

July 2005