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VEIL is pleased to share these real-life video experiences with you:

The following videos* provide examples of what kind of protection VEIL provides you whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle with a radar detector only or with a laser jammer, as well.

This video documents VEIL's effectiveness on motorcycles.

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First ever video documenting both long and short distance laser jammer punch-through and how VEIL eliminates jammer punch throughs or reduces them against one of the most difficult police laser guns to jam. This video also demonstrates - from the driver's point of view - how much additional warning time VEIL provides to your radar detector's laser alert.

Veil, Valentine one, and Blinder X-treme M-20 versus Gen III Stalker LZ1

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Video demonstrating the effectives of Veil with both a Blinder M-20 Xtreme and a Valentine One versus a Kustom Pro III (Gen III) real police laser speed trap achieving jam-to-gun (JTG) performance! Notice how VEIL is barely visible on a stealth Audi S4.

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Can't outbrake police laser with your radar detector? Now you can...

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See how VEIL works and is applied in this interview of the Veil Guy by Radar Roy.

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Hear from other driving enthusiasts who have used VEIL to fight the high cost of speeding tickets!

Find out how VEIL performed at the two leading authoritative sources on traffic enforcement or what the automotive enthusiast media has written about the protection VEIL provides you.

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Sethy's STEALTH ride & testimonial

Sethy, Ohio
May 2006

Dilip's STEALTH ride & testimonial

Dilip, Hong Kong
April 2006

At less than $10 per, protecting yourself is not only simple and easy, its very affordable!

STEALTH every one of your vehicles!

" bang for the buck"

August 2005
Motor Trend

I have been reading through the results from the 7/16 forum members testing and the standout in all of it's Veil.

Veil appeared to be far more many cases almost as effective as active jammers.

I am impressed. I loved the out-brake test!

Totally awesome, and quite comforting to know that it is possible with just Veil to get slowed before punch through.

Again congrats on a great product!

July 2005