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Updated 11 Jan 09

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For your convenience this quick guide to radar detectors is grouped into two parts. The first - the top radar detector performance/price tier comprised of radar detectors of Beltronics, Escort, and Valentine Research and the second—radar detector units from Beltronics, Cobra, and Whistler.

Currently, the best overal performing windshield-mount radar detectors are:

$300+ Radar Detectors:

  • BELtronics STi Driver ($499), Pro GX-65 ($469), Pro RX-65 ($329)
  • Escort Passport 9500ix ($499), Passport 8500 X50 Red/Blue ($299/$339)
  • Valentine 1 ($399)
These radar detectors performed the best at detecting all forms of police radar and police laser—the Valentine V1 radar detector being the most adept at detecting police laser by a noticeable margin, but that margin has steadily been skrinking.

The other radar detectors have laser detecting capability as well, can detect POP (67ms variety)—a lethal (but rarely used) form of radar that occurs in bursts of 16-67ms, too short a duration for those models that are not specifically built to detect it.

The latest Valentine 1 radar detectors offer superior POP RADAR detection capability and are are unique in being able to occasionally (~10%) sniff out the MPH K-35 hand-held K gun when its POP mode operated at a blistering 16ms!

VR's newest revision of their radar detector includes "Euro" mode that can be enabled to perform especially well with Gatso/Multanova police RADAR—popular throughout europe, this low-powered RADAR waveform is most difficult for conventional radar detector ` to pick-up.

Both Beltronics and Escort are now producing advanced radar detectors (Beltronics Pro GX65 and Escort Passport 9500ix) which incorporate GPS capability which enable them to alert to the presence of the ever-increasing number of red light and speed cameras. We consider this to be an essential capability and should be seriously considered.

Where you travel primarily and what forms of speed enforcement and photo enforcement are being used should be the determining factors in ultimately deciding which is best overall radar detector for your needs.

In our opinion, if laser is used heavily in your areas of travel, you seek the very best in laser detectors (in a windshield mounted unit), desire to have the greatest rear radar sensitivity, and the ability to identify the source of the radar or laser threat, the Valentine 1 would be your natural choice.

If, on the other hand, you wish for the most recent advancements** in radar detection filtering, all-around top performance, and steller Ka performance, either the Beltronics RX-65 Pro, Beltronics STi Driver, Escort Passport 8500 X50, or Escort Passport 9500i would make a terrific addition to your windshield.

The Pro RX65 provides the additional ability to have its Ka performance tailored for either European or US Ka usage.

The BEL STi Driver is the only radar detector which provides the convenience of stealth driving (being undetectable by radar detector detectors, like Spectre III/IV) while providing radar detection performance exceeding the RX-65 Pro and the V1. (That's a big 10-4).

Without question, the most advanced windshield radar detectors currently being produced are the GPS-enabled Beltronics Pro GX65 and Escort Passport 9500ix, each not only provide advanced filtering capabilities based upon realtime vehicle speed and GPS location, but can also alert to the growing number of red light and speed camera systems that are being deployed throughout the U.S. Both models can be easily updated with new software updates via a PC connection. Just about every other radar detector feels outmoded.

Bottom Line: You really can't go wrong with any of these top tier radar detectors.

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Now that you are armed with a good radar/laser detector, discover how you to use it effectively to avoid speed traps!

Sub $300 Radar Detector Group

  • Beltronics Vector 955 ($199) & Beltronics Vector 995 ($299)
  • Cobra 9950 ($229)
  • Whistler Pro 78/Whistler XTR-690/Whistler XTR-695 ($229-$249)

In the $200.00 detector category, the Beltronics Vector 955 and Beltronics Vector 995 perform as well as their more expensive and feature-rich cousin, the Pro RX-65. If you are willing to give up some of the features of the more expensive Beltronics detector, the V955 is a great detector, while the V995 is very nearly the RX65's equal in both performance and feature set.

The Whistler Pro 78, Whistler XTR 690, and the late model Whistler XTR 695 models represent a tremendous value (with street prices around $170-$180) for the money and provide performance that rivals the top tier detectors, especially on Ka-band and laser.

The Cobra while offering respectable detection range to CW (constant-on) radar appears to have a tougher time with consistently alerting to quick-trigger instant-on radar, something that the Whistlers excel at and the Beltronics do sufficiently well.

On the POP RADAR detection front, the Whistler Pro-78/XTR-690/XTR-695 detected both K and KA POP RADAR consistently while the Cobra 9950, with a street price of around $170, had a tougher time with both forms of POP RADAR. It's important to keep POP RADAR detection abilities in perspective. Currently, we do not believe POP RADAR is being used to actually issue tickets and the number of such police radar guns in operation is still quite small (relative to all other RADAR forms. You should be more concerned about laser detection capability than POP RADAR.

Fortunately each of the above models perform quite admirably with the detection of police laser.

Concerning Radar Detector Detector (RDD) immunity, the Whistler Pro 78/XTR-690/XTR-695 are most impressive—against the SPECTRE III/IV—relative to the top radar detector tier.

Purchase These and Other Radar Detectors with Confidence at One of These Trustworthy Purchasing Sources:

If you are seriously considering arming yourself with one of these top-performing radar detectors, learn how to successfully avoid speeding tickets with them!

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