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Should I Use VEIL with a Radar Detector?

Yes!  And it is essential  that you do so.

Alone, radar detectors provide little or no advanced warning to laser - by the time you hear your detector's laser alert you've just been caught.

When driving with the added protection of VEIL, your detector will actually be useful. VEIL effectively counters laser by reducing the need for advanced warning [from other vehicles] by significantly reducing laser's effective operating range.

When driving with VEIL and your laser detector sounds, you will have up to  10 seconds of reaction time to safely slow down and avoid a laser speeding ticket.

Can VEIL Improve Laser Jammer Performance?


By reducing your vehicle's overall reflective laser signature, Veil makes it easier for your laser jammer to successfully jam laser.

This is especially true if you have a single transponder laser jammer models whose single beam patterns generally have a harder time protecting the entire front [or rear] of your vehicle.

Independent tests have confirmed that VEIL indeed improves laser jammer efficiency by eliminating the sources of reflection (headlights/foglights) that undermine jammer performance.

Furthermore, our own tests have confirmed that laser jammers may suffer from a phenomenon of long-range punch through that can happen at distances greater than a 1000 feet. VEIL eliminates long-range punch throughs and will reduce close-range punch throughs as well.

VEIL is beneficial to jammers as the areas treated with VEIL will essentially be eliminated as a source of laser reflection enabling the jammer to more easily do its job of overwhelming incoming police laser (LIDAR).

Further, we believe, VEIL will improve rear laser jamming as well by minimizing the many reflective sources present.

Can VEIL Improve Radar Jammer Performance?

Absolutely NOT!

VEIL only defeats laser and provides no protection from radar - which works on an entirely different principle.

Will VEIL Produce any Laser Jamming Codes?

Absolutely NOT!

VEIL defeats laser by significantly reducing laser reflection and thus the overall laser visual signature by stealth.  Since VEIL doesn't attempt to overwhelm incoming laser - simply eliminate it - VEIL can not nor will not ever produce a jamming code on any police laser gun!

Your vehicle will simply be much harder to successfully target and get a laser speed reading.

How does Veil perform on license plate cover frames spray?

Veil works by significantly reducing the laser reflection that occurs from today's high-tech retro-reflective license plates.

These kinds of license plates effectively magnify the light that a police laser gun looks for. It is essential that VEIL is applied to any front-mounted state license plate or personalized license plates to derive any real protection regardless of whether or not the other targeted sections of the vehicle are treated.

In areas where the use of license plate covers is prohibited, Veil can directly applied to the license plate. In these cases the plate will appear darker.

VEIL defeats laser by significantly reducing laser reflection and thus the overall laser visual signature by stealth.  Since VEIL doesn't attempt to overwhelm incoming laser - simply eliminate it - VEIL can not nor will not ever produce a jamming code on any police laser gun!

Your vehicle will simply be much harder to successfully target and get a laser speed reading.

What should I do if I own personalized license plates?

For the best protection, we recommend that you don't use personalized license plates or license plate frames on the front of your vehicle, as you needlessly increase your visibility to police laser.

Its difficult enough to defeat photo radar cameras, lidar cameras, or red light cameras, no need to make it any easier for them. If you really desire to use personalized license plate frames, the we recommend that you at least use Veil treated license plate covers. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive clear plastic license plate cover from automotive retail center. They typically run about $5. Further we don't recommend that you use highly reflective or metallice license plate frames.

How Many Treatments do I get with VEIL?

About 10 treatments/applications.

Depending on factors such as vehicle type & size, whether or not you have a front plate that needs protection, or you are treating the rear - VEIL, on average, will provide about 10 treatments or provide protection for 10 vehicles.

How Much does VEIL Cost?

Less than $10 USD per treatment or vehicle.

VEIL retails for less than $100 USD and provides for about 10 treatments bringing the cost to less than $10 USD per vehicle / treatment!

Can I Wash my Car After Applying VEIL?


VEIL dries to a weather-resistant film that will withstand repeated washings whether done by hand or machine.

How Long will VEIL Last?

Actual duration will vary depending upon climate.

However, we recommend removing and recoating every six months or so or when the coating appears noticeably worn - during which time, VEIL's tough outer layer serves to protect your lights from the pitting (from road debris) that would normally occur.

What Color is VEIL?

The coating appears as a neutral grey.

Coated lights will appear somewhat darker and have a color resembling the Xenon HID lighting systems found on some vehicles.

Does VEIL Reduce Light Output?


VEIL does not noticeably reduce the lumen output of headlights.

In some cases, you may notice a pleasant bluish-violet hue that is often seen on many vehicles employing a HID lighting system.

How / Where do I Apply VEIL to my Vehicle?

VEIL is applied with paint brushes (included) to the most reflective objects of your vehicle.

These include the headlights, fog lights, parking and running lamps.

One coating is sufficient on these objects.  Use nice long brush strokes in both vertical and horizontal directions finishing with nice long horizontal strokes to minimize streaking.  To eliminate sagging, do not over apply. 

Do not apply during the heat of the day and preferably in the shade. This will allow the coating to set-up properly to a nice and uniform film.

Use a soft damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off any excess paint that may get on the vehicle itself as it is easy removable when wet.

We recommend purchasing a clear and colorless plastic plate cover that can be obtained at most automotive retail stores as the basis of your plate covers.

Coat both sides of the plate covers and allow one side to dry thoroughly before coating the other side.  Lay the plate covers flat on a piece of newspaper or paper towel as it dries, preferably indoors.  This will ensure the coatings will be smooth.

For best results, apply VEIL at least 24 hours prior to any precipitation.

Which Vehicles are Most Suited for VEIL?

Vehicles which recieve the most benefit from a VEIL treatment are ones that are aerodynamic (ie; pointy and/or with sloped hoods and minimal perpendicular frontal surface area).

Athough vehicle shape is the most important factor in contributing to an LCS (laser cross-section - ie; reflectivity), color too can play an important role if the vehicle it not particularly aerodynamic (has a large flat front bumper).

Medium or darker colored non-metallic cars (red is considered dark) offer the best reduction potential in targeting profile. Examples of good car shapes: Chevy Calavier, Ford Taurus, Dodge Sebring/Stratus, Honda Accords/Civics, most Acuras and Toyotas.

Which Vehicles are Least suited for VEIL?

Vehicles which recieve the least benefit from a VEIL treatment are ones that are not aerodynamic in design (ie; have large sections of perpendicular surface area - like flat bumpers).

In these cases, vehicle paint color and paint type can play a large role in providing laser reflectivity.

VEIL will still eliminate the most reflective portions of your vehicle like the headlights, foglights, and front plate, but there may still remain a large enough residual laser cross-section that your vehicle may still be targetable within 1500-2000' and may not likely provide sufficient protection. Therefore we don't recommend VEIL as a lone countermeasure in these specific situations.

Examples of such vehicles would be large white or metallic silver SUVs, pick-up trucks, and/or vans.

In these cases we recommend using VEIL with a proven active laser jammer - examples of established laser jammers are the Bel 905/Escort ZR3, Blinder M20/M30 (two/three heads) or M40 (four heads for large SUVs), Lidatek LE-30 (dual head configuration for large SUVs). Tests have repeatedly demonstrated (particularly with these kinds of vehicles) that VEIL can eliminate long-distance punch-throughs (typically from headlight shots) and in some cases can provide JTG (jam-to-gun) performance that would otherwise be impossible with a jammer alone.

Why not Paint the Entire Vehicle with VEIL?

There are more important areas that require VEIL and VEIL is not intended to be used on your vehicle's painted surfaces.

Even if it were feasible to do this, the cost of the materials make this prohibitive.

Drivers of light colored and/or metallic painted cars have more viable alternatives if they wish to maximize VEIL's performance.

Using a black vehicle bra in combination (particularly on vehicles with large bumpers) will go a long way in reducing your vehicle's visibility to LIDAR.

In regions permitting their use, an active laser jammer in combination would further obscure these kinds of vehicles from LIDAR detection.

Should I Treat the Rear of my Vehicle?

That really depends upon where you travel.

LIDAR speed traps most often occur from the front. If you know that LIDAR is used to target speeders, in your area, from the rear, then it would be advisable.

However, we have found that vehicles are more easily targetable from the rear and do not benefit as much from treatment. 

Users of rear active jammers, however, will benefit.

We have seen that even active jammers , can not alone cloak a vehicle reliably in the rear. In this case, using VEIL in addition to a rear active jammer will most certainly improve the performance of the laser jammer.

Moving laser is coming - that is operation of laser from a moving vehicle. When this technology becomes available, expect rear targeting to become more common place.

At that time, treating the rear may become necessary.

Where Should I Mount my Radar/Laser Detector?

For Valentine One owners, mount high.

The Valentine has demonstrated that it has superior laser detection capability.   As such, we concur with VR's position that their detector should be mounted high.

This location will maximize the chances that their detector will see the extremely rare laser shot of a leading car, by positioning it to see the incoming laser through the leading car's windshields/ windscreens.  This position will likely have minimal impact on its ability to see/report laser up close and personal.

For all others, low on the windshield; but not too low.

To maximize the likelihood that your radar / laser detector will see incoming laser at closer range, you should mount you radar detector low and centered on your windshield so long as it is not blocked by your vehicle's windshield wipers or tinted areas and has a clear view out the rear of your automobile.

Where can I learn more about VEIL?

What is rapidly turning out to be the definative online source for information about VEIL, laser jammers, radar retectors, and related technologies and traffic enforcement is the radar forum.

Most major manufacturers either read or directly participate in this forum. This forum is fortunate to have a lot of active participants and is certain to provide answers to any/all questions one may have about traffic enforcement.

We are pleased to participate as a manufacturer on this forum and will directly answer questions about VEIL in our discussion group. Many questions that you may have have likely been already addressed here.

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Totally awesome, and quite comforting to know that it is possible with just Veil to get slowed before punch through.

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