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Laser jammers: Blinder X-treme M20/M40 Series Beltronics Pro 905: BEL's best jammer laser jamming Escort Passport SR7 Plus Laser Shifter

Veil improves the performance of even the best laser jammer!

Fall 2006. Of the best laser jammers that are currently being sold in the U.S., the most consistently performing* laser jammer - compared in several comparison tests - appears to be the Blinder X-treme laser jammer.

The Blinder X-treme M-20 (2 jammer transponders) and M-40 (4 jammer transponders) laser jammers sell for about $350.00 and $600.00 respectively and require professional installation into your vehicle (as does every laser jammer). These models have received top marks - for several years in a row - from a variety of testing authorities.

Other top rated laser jammers tested include, the (now discontinued) Beltronics LaserPro 905 ($300); Escort Shifter ZR3 ($500 installed); and Lidatek LE-30 ($400) and Laser ECHO LE-30D (2 laser jammer transponders) ($600).

Escort and Lidatek laser jammers have also tested well. The Escort laser jammers provide the advantage of integration into their radar detector line. BEL's offering is only currently available as part of the RX-75 Plus - a remote mounted detector and jammer ($1499).

The Lidatek laser jammer offers diminutive packaging for your tight installations. Again, as with all laser jammers, prices do not include installation costs.

In our own laser jammer tests, we have seen laser jammer performance can vary greatly depending upon the manufacturer and generation level of the police laser gun.

Earlier generation I and II (LTI 20/20 and Kustom Pro II) police laser guns - that have been out of production and service for many years - were easily defeated by even the most rudimentary laser jammers.

The same can not be said for Generation III laser guns which have been in operation since the early part of this century. The Stalker LZ1, Laser Technologies LTI Ultralyte 200LRB, Laser Atlanta R/S models have demonstrated that they are very tough to beat, indeed - the Stalker laser perhaps being the most difficult to jam.

Laser Atlanta has demonstrated that when their gun is operated in stealth mode, most jammers are fooled and the officer is able to get a reading despite their use. Most radar detectors will also remain silent when confronted with stealth mode police laser!

This can be especially "dangerous" for your as you may think your laser jammer will successfully defeat police laser every time and you may drive somewhat more casually than otherwise.

We don't know how many of LA's are in actual use today or where, for that matter.  We do believe they are not as popular as either the Stalker LZ-1, Kustom Pro III, or LTI UltraLyte.  Therefore, that actual chances of coming across an LA gun operating stealth mode is probably slim, but why chance it?

At this time the Kustom Pro III, LTI UltraLyte, and Stalker LZ1 represent the bulk (97%) of the guns currently utilized in the US. With the recent packaging improvements (smaller size/lighter) of the revised LA S model, we would expect their market share to increase.

The Riegl and Jenoptik/LaserPatrol units will be primarily found in operation abroad.

The best laser jammers provide multiple jammer transponders to be located in close proximity to both the front license plate and headlights. Using only one laser jamming head for the front or the rear of a vehicle by itself will likely not be as effective for the same reasons radar detectors sometimes fail in detecting laser, when mounted high up on the windshield.  If it can see the lidar beam the laser jammer doesn't trigger. Additionally, one centrally mounted jammer can't fully obscure the laser reflectivity that comes from today's large headlight systems - they're simply too far away.

When paired with laser jammers, VEIL provides you with precious additional reaction time - time you may not otherwise have - and enables you to avoid speeding tickets.

Independent testing facilities and our engineers have tested VEIL in conjunction with a variety of laser jammers and have found that in most cases, VEIL further improves laser jamming efficiency/performance by eliminating the major sources of laser reflection - that are routinely farther away from the laser jammers transponder heads (namely, the headlights and foglights) - which can cause "long distance punch-through" (the gun's abilility to obtain a speed reading at farther distances) as well reduce close-range punch-throughs that these active electronic laser countermeasures will have.  Veil eliminates the major source of laser reflectivity, so your laser jammers won't have to work as hard in overcoming the light signal.

Additionally, in cases where laser jammers fail to fire or partially fail to fire an effective laser jamming signal, VEIL adds that additional margin of protection required in these circumstances.

Furtermore, it may be possible to a reduce the number of jammer transponders on the front and rear of your vehicle since the headlights/taillights are essentially eliminated as a source of reflectivity.

More than once, we have witnessed the premature demise of certain jammers either due to poor workmanship and/or overheating. Since equipment failure may happen without providing you a warning, you should check on the reliability and longevity our your chosen jammer - or staying with one of these top rated models.

One noteworthy jammer test was recently conducted by**.

When you combine laser jammers with VEIL, you achieve the highest level of laser jamming performance possible.

Check out this cool video*** of Veil & Blinder M-20 Xtreme working together against a real police laser speedtrap! VEIL is barely noticeable on this stealth Audi S4.

To see more VEIL in action! Check out these cool videos!

Hear from other driving enthuisiasts how VEIL is helping them beat speeding tickets!

Learn how VEIL helps you avoid speeding tickets.

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*According to RadarTest, SpeedZones, Guys of Lidar, and other recent laser jammer tests.
**For an even more thorough analysis.
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