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What should I do if I own personalized license plates?

For the best protection, you should avoid the use of personalized license plates or shiny/chrome frames on the front of your vehicle, as you needlessly increase your visibility/susceptibility to police lidar.

Its difficult enough to defeat photo radar cameras, lidar cameras, or red light cameras, no need to make it any easier for them. If you really desire to use personalized plate frames, you should at least use a VEILed license plate cover. You can purchase inexpensive clear plastic license plate covers from an automotive retail center and then apply the VEIL license plate spray/coating directly to the covers with the provided brushes.

They typically run about $5. Furthermore, you should not use highly reflective or metallic frames and if you prefer to, apply VEIL - not as a spray, but as a brushed-on coating.

How does a VEILed license plate spray/covers coating perform?

VEIL works by significantly reducing the reflection that occurs from today's high-tech retro-reflective license plates.

These kinds of license plates effectively magnify the light that a police laser or photo lidar gun looks for. It is essential that VEIL (more a coating than a spray) is applied to any front-mounted state or personalized license plates to derive any real protection regardless of whether or not the other targeted sections of the vehicle are treated. Craig Peterson of actually demonstrated the significance of the role plates play to your targetability with police laser.

In areas where the use of a cover is prohibited, VEIL can directly applied to the plate. In these cases, it will appear darker.

VEIL defeats laser by significantly reducing reflection and thus the overall laser visual signature by stealth.  Since VEIL doesn't attempt to overwhelm incoming laser - simply eliminate it - it can not nor will not ever produce a jamming code on any police laser gun!

Your vehicle will simply be much harder to successfully target and get a laser speed reading.

Will VEILed covers defeat red light or photo radar cameras?

VEIL is a police lidar & photo�lidar countermeasure which will provide protection from photo�lidar camera enforcement and is not specifically designed to defeat photo�radar or red light camera technology, however:

For those of you seeking to protect yourselves from other forms of enforcement, you should consider using VEIL be in combination with covers specifically designed to defeat these other technologies.

One resource online that provides a special combination packaged deal of VEIL and a Laser Shield that works well together against photo�lidar.

See VEIL in action! You may enjoy watching these cool videos!

Hear what other drivers are saying about how they were spared a speeding ticket by VEIL.

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