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Valentine 1 radar locator BEL RX-65 pro detectors Escort 8500 X50 detector
VEIL for radar detectors maximizes detector performance!

Currently, the best overall performing* radar detectors (top price category) are:

$300+ Detector Group:

  • Beltronics (BEL) RX65 Pro ($329), STI Driver ($449), & Vector 995 ($299)
  • Escort 8500 X50 Red/Blue Display ($299/$339)
  • Valentine 1 ($399)
Each of these top performing radar detectors provide stellar sensitivity and rejection of false alerts. Although each provide very good sensitivity to police laser, the Valentine 1 is the most adept by a wide margin.

Both Beltronics and Escort models are very good laser detectors as well (an edge goes to the Escort 8500 X50) and each Bel and Escort model can detect POP radar (67ms variety) - a lethal form of police radar that occurs in bursts of 16-67ms, too short a duration for those models that are not specifically built to detect it.

The latest Valentine 1's offer superior POP radar detection capability and are are unique in being able to occasionally (~10%) sniff out the MPH K-35 hand-held K-band radar gun when its POP mode operated at a blistering 16ms!

Valentine 1's also distinguish themselves as the only ones in the top group to be able to spot LaserAtlanta's stealth mode police laser.

VR's newest revision of their includes "Euro" mode that can be enabled to perform especially well with Gatso/Multanova - popular throughout Europe, this low-powered radar waveform is most difficult for a conventional radar detector ` to pick-up.

The BEL STi Driver is the only radar detector which provides the convenience of stealth driving in addition to RX-65 like performance. (That's a big 10-4).

Any of these top detectors would make a fine addition to your windshield.

To learn more about these fine models, read the most thorough and in-depth real-world radar detector reviews performed to date.

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