Radar Detectors
Budget Tier

Beltronics Detector Cobra 9400-9700 Series Whistler Pro Series

VEIL for radar detectors maximizes detector performance!

Under $200 Detector Group

  • Beltronics Vector 895 ($199)

  • Cobra 9400 ($119)

  • PNI RW 3000 ($149)

  • Whistler 1776 ($179)

In the under $200.00 category, the Beltronics/RadioShack Vector 895 Series of radar detectors available exclusively at Radio Shack has been reported to perform almost as well as its more expensive brethren with respect to outright performance, demonstrated superior laser sensitivity as well, and was recently rated a top value in Motor Trend's 2005 comparison especially when paired with VEIL!

On the POP detection front, the Whistler 1776 detected both K and KA POP consistently while the Cobra 9400 had a tougher time with both forms of POP. Its important to keep POP detection abilities of this detector aspect in perspective. Currently, we do not believe POP is being used to actually issue tickets and the number of such police radar guns in operation is still quite small (relative to all other RADAR forms. You should be more concerned about laser detection capability than POP.

With respect laser detection ability to police laser, both the Cobra and Whistler detectors perform similarly and have decent sensitivity to two very popular police laser guns - the Kustom Signals Pro III and the Stalker LZ-1. Our own tests suggest a slight performance edge with the Cobra radar detector.

On Radar�Detector�Detector (RDD) immunity, the Whistler 1776 turned in an impressive performance - on the SPECTRE III - relative to the top tier.

For those on a budget, these models provide good to very good protection against both RADAR and laser traffic enforcement.

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