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Summary (Abridged) Report

1. Introduction
2. The Equipment
3. The Drive/Ride
4. Conclusions
5. Credits
6. Useful Links

Full (Unabridged) Report

1. Introduction
2. What's Included
3. Costs
4. Build Quality
5. Display (Video)
6. Alert Volume (Video)
7. Alert Tones (Video)
8. Alert Gradient
9. Alert Muting
10. Size
11. Adhesion
12. Programming (Video)
13. The Drive/Ride
14. Test Day #1
15. Test Day #2
16. Test Day #3
17. Respite
18. Test Day #4
19. Test Day #5
20. Test Day #6
21. Conclusions
22. Epilogue I
23. Epilogue II
24. Credits
25. Useful Links

Radar Detector Review '05
Unabridged Version 

Valentine One Escort 8500 X50 Beltronics RX65 Pro

Useful Links

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Speed Zones A trustworthy source of radar detector, laser jammers, and other equipment reviews.

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RadarTest.com Reliable source of equipment and automotive reviews provided by "royalty."
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Beltronics Manufacturer of the RX65 Pro and other electronic equipment.
Escort - Manufacturer of the 8500 X50 and other equipment.
Valentine -
Manufacturer and direct seller of the V1 radar detector.

Master Distributor of VEIL products.


Dependable online retailer of Bel, Blinder, Escort, and VEIL laser countermeasure products.
Online forum of all things related to equipment and speed enforcement.

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