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Radar Detector Review '05
Unabridged Version 

Valentine Oner Escort 8500 X50 Beltronics RX65

Respite, 2nd Honeymoon - 12 JAN 05–14 JAN 05 (Sasabe, AZ)

We stayed at the ranch for three days of enjoying absolute piece and quiet. This place was simply fabulous and we were fortunate to have it all to ourselves – no other guests were staying here at the time.

We experienced awesome horseback rides in this isolated part of the West. We couldn’t help but feel a little like a couple of City Slickers, but our two female (Kim & Melanie) wranglers were much more pleasant to ride with than the two characters in the movie and although Curly wasn’t around, Mike was every bit as good as the lead wrangler - he's definitely a genuine Marlboro man!

cowboy and cowgals curly or clint eastwoodesque
mountain lion tracks michelle & mike mike carefully prepares a fire for lunch
A Day on the Range of Southern Arizona

Every day we were treated to three square gourmet meals by expert chefs. The staff was a real pleasure to stay with and Veronica (the Ranch owner) was delightful.  If you’re looking for a place to stay away from the crowds; want to “untwine your knots;” and get a taste of the Wild West, we highly recommended a visit.  Be forewarned, though, there’s no TV and no cell-phone coverage.  Come to think of it - it's just what the doctor ordered...

veronica and veil gal sacred mountain range
Veronica & Veil Gal - Sacred Baboquivari Mountains

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