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Реальные отзывы реальных людей in Real Laser Speedtraps.


Terry S. (2equisXX) of sport-touring.net riding Honda CBR-1100 with VEIL Only.

(His Blinder M20 was turned off)


Stealth VEIL versus the Mighty Stealth Laser Atlanta in Stealth Mode* (Gen III) - MAR 05.

* Most detectors and jammers won't even detect or jam this mode.


VEIL is pleased to share these real-life experiences with you:

12 APR 05: Posted on radardetector.net forum by Steve of Ohio*:

BEST Lasering experience EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was coming home going I480 West at about 82mph (60mph is the speed limit) and all of a sudden my V1 starts to go off on laser alert like crazy and NOT my Blinder. At first I was puzzled.

I thought that there was something wrong with my Blinder. So I start to look around frantically slowing down naturally in the process and not braking. All there was in front of me was a red van. All of a sudden the red van switches lanes. About 1500' down the road I see a cop lasering me.

My V1 and the Blinder start to go off by now. By this time I am down to 58mph. I turn off my Blinder yet the cop is still lasering me because my V1 is still going crazy on laser alert.

Can you believe that the cop kept lasering ALL THE WAY until I was right in front of him? I was shocked. This showed me that the Veil worked ALL THE WAY to 0', HONEST to God. I have no reason to lie.

This experience has taught me 3 things 1) Veil is AWESOME 2) Laser alert on the V1 is PHENOMENAL[sic] 3) If one can not afford the Blinder buy Veil and the V1 and you are good to go.

UNBELIEVABLE experience today and I could NOT wait to get home to tell you all about it!
Well I turned off the Blinder after I hit speeds of 58mph. I still was getting lasered for another 1500' with the Blinder off. Why the [expletive deleted] would the officer still be lasering me if he could get a reading?

I tell you why it is because he could NOT get a reading because the Veil was working its magic while the V1 was detecting EVERY laser hit. The V1's laser detection was AWESOME. It detected laser BEFORE the Blinder meaning that the cop was lasering other cars.
What is funny is that I never thought in a million years I would be looking forward to laser encounters. I once feared them to death but now look forward to them!


13 APR 05: Posted on radardetector.net forum by Seth of Ohio*:


WOW! I dont know how to begin this so i'll start somewhere! As some of you know I was in a minor accident (over a d*** goose) which took out one of my blinders. Today I was on my way to the bank, when my local PD set up a speed trap on one of the 35mph roads. There is a small hill, then a dip, then you come back up the dip to a "T" intersection. At the end of the T intersection today, there was a cop lasering.

I was going about 50 with my x50 mounted low and to the left. All of a sudden LASER comes across the x50 and scares the living [expletive deleted] out of me! Meanwhile the blinder is quiet (broken on the left side) I see the cop up leaning on his car door lasering.

What was the real compliment is when I was slowing down I noticed that he looked up from his laser gun, and then aimed at another point on my car, and the blinder started screetching[sic]! I switched the blinder off and as I was rolling up to the light, about 30 feet away from the guy he is still lasering my car. He had the look of "what the [expletive deleted]" on his face. He once again starts lasering my left side of the car and my x50 is going nuts. I have to pull the plug on it because I dont want him to hear it at this point. He grinned, and started lasering at the cars over me again.

I know for a FACT that the veil was the reason why he couldn't eght[sic] a reading, I knew he was hitting my headlight- which is why my x50 alerted to laser. I know that VEIL saved me from a ticket!
The biggest compliment to this whole situation was my bud that helped me install everything was in the passenger seat speechless. He knew that the blinder worked- but was skepticle[sic] of the veil. When we finally turned and passed the cop, he looked at me and said "Where did you get that VEIL again? Because you just sold me a can..."

*Ohio is currently the heaviest user of police laser (LIDAR) in the US.

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